Essential Information About Long Term Monitoring Solutions

Noise monitoring is used for many different applications however, there is more to noise mentoring than meets the eye.

Noise monitoring is used for many different applications however, there is more to noise mentoring than meets the eye. Long term monitoring is also one of the popular applications and although it is not well defined since there is a specific time frame of monitoring that qualifies as long term monitoring. It can be defined in many different methods and several factors that help define it.

Here are several methods of defining long term noise monitoring:

  • Noise monitoring that is done unattended using special equipment for a special period of time.
  • Implementing noise monitoring for up to 1 month and more.

This article provides vital information about long term monitor solutions. It is a must-read for those looking for noise monitoring equipment, sound level meters, or interested in noise dosimeter calibration.

Applications of Long Term Noise Monitoring Solution

Long term monitoring has a wide range of applications and it is very useful when it comes to gathering information for the noise data. When it comes to attempting to assess the noise levels of a given area it is vital to have monitoring equipment in place for a long period of time to be able to properly understand the levels of noise.

When it comes to the construction of an airport, expansion of one or general research on an existing one, long term noise monitoring is very useful. Airports often happen to be built close to residential locations making the issue pertaining to noise a very big and valid issue. Long term monitoring at residential places and near airports is very useful for research purposes. This data combined with flight path data is invaluable to airport authorities.

Some of the popular applications include:

  • Constructions sites
  • Factories locations
  • Wind farms
  • Demolition
  • Industrial complexes
  • Mining
  • Musical Events

Benefits of Noise Monitoring

Noise monitoring devices are available from many different places like Acu-Vib Electronics, etc. There are many advantages of implementing noise monitoring solutions as listed here:

  • This is a very good solution that is possible to integrate with external developments.
  • It is possible to expand the noise monitoring devices in the future as the need may be to account for unexpected situations.
  • The data received from such monitoring units are highly reliable and available in real-
  • It is possible to design a tailored made system for every application.
  • Long term monitoring has great value when it comes to data history for public administration.

Common Issues Faced During Long Term Monitoring

Long term noise monitoring has many advantages however; there are several challenges to set up this type of project. Some of the challenges are mentioned here:

  • Unfavourable weather happens to be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to long term monitoring. The long term requirements are often necessary for multiple seasons.At times all 4 seasons hence it is necessary that your equipment is built to sustain all types of weather conditions. The key is to have the microphone fully protected with a dual-layered windshield.
  • One of the other issues with long term noise monitoring is the issue with the location of the devices.
  • Communication is very important as well since it is important to be able to monitor the noise monitor. This can be done via Wi-Fi, phone network, or Ethernet.
  • The equipment also requires an external power source to ensure the monitor is active at all times.
  • The security of the monitoring equipment is also very important; since it is essential the device is not tampered with.


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