Can Regular Maintenance Prolong Air Conditioner’s Life?


You can hardly overlook the significance of having an AC in your house. The AC machine is not only for cooling the home but maintains its climate control system extensively. However, you have to consider substantial investment when buying an AC. Therefore, it is necessary to protect and care for it to allow it to function smoothly during the summer and extend its life. When the most important thing you have in your mind is extending the life of your AC for over ten years, you should maintain it properly.

The air conditioning service Dandenong you appoint recommends the following steps of maintenance to extend the life of your AC.

Changing the filters

If you want the air conditioning service to last for a long time, you should pay attention to the condition of the filters. The filters help in keeping the dirt, debris, and dust to enter the condenser coil. When the filters become clogged, the air conditioning system needs to work more, resulting in overheating of the machine and multiple repairs. One of the primary reasons for AC technicians to check the filter and replace it is to prevent overheating of the machine and letting it work properly. Proper care of the filters is a significant aspect of maintenance work and extends the life of the AC unit.

• Saving money

With regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit, you can put off the budget needed for replacing the unit frequently or after every five years. With proper maintenance help, you can extend the life of your AC for a few more years, and save money for other causes.

• Cleaning the condenser

The condenser is one of the significant components of your AC, and the technician you call for servicing should check it thoroughly. The outdoor unit of the AC refers to condenser and plays a vital role in the cooling work. Many homeowners think about the condenser only when the AC breaks down. The technician should clear the growth of grass, shrubs, and bushes from the outdoor unit of the AC to prevent them from entering inside the system and extends its life.

• Maintaining airflow and vacuuming the fins

The AC unit needs to take air from outside for proper functioning. Therefore, the air con service Melbourne you appoint must ensure that nothing restricts the flow of air. Besides the filters, the evaporator coil is another component where dirt frequently accumulates, which in turn limits the airflow and does not allow the coil to absorb heat. Periodic checking of the loop extends its lifespan.

Besides this, the AC system includes fins that are susceptible to deformation and damage. The damaged fins can also limit the flow of air to the unit. Therefore, experts use a fin comb to make the spines straight when they bend. Checking the airflow and maintaining the fins can also contribute to the extended life of your AC.

The final word

Even though it sounds a bit weird, you should allow the AC unit to rest for a while to provide a boost to its lifespan. Just like the other home appliances, running the AC machine without any break increases the wear and tear and reduces its life span. Besides this, you must schedule the routine maintenance work to identify the problems and getting quick fixes to ensure that the unit performs effortlessly or many years.

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