Best Pool Design Ideas and Tips for Having a Pool in Your House


If you are a fan of swimming and like to spend a lot of time in the pool on weekends with your family, then it is not a bad idea to construct a swimming pool at your own house. It can give you and your kids a great time to enjoy together in the privacy of your house. Apart from that, a pool gives a unique and glamorous look to your house and makes it look luxurious. Now that you have decided to build a pool in your property, it is important to understand that constructing even a small pool at your home from scratch is not something that you can do on your own. What you would need is proper guidance from an experienced person and some unique pool design ideas. Let’s have a look.

Go for a Swimming Pond

Well, a swimming pond is a kind of swimming pool full of natural varieties, such as lots of plants and vegetation around the pool that gives it a pond-like appearance. This is one of the cool ideas that give a natural look to your swimming pool. But the problem is that although this pool design is very eye-catching and fabulous, it may not be in the grasp of any pool constructor you come across. It requires lots of structural knowledge and design characteristics with focus on the regeneration zones. It is also important to ensure that the water is perfect for the growth of the water plants and swimming as well. It also requires a mammoth cleaning experience. So, unless you have a high budget and are willing to spend on regular maintenance of your pool, you should not consider this idea.

Simple Pool Design Ideas to Make Your Pool Stand Out in the Neighbourhood

  • Make sure that the design is simple with a flat bottom

If you are on a low budget, you should keep your pool design simple. While the natural stone walls look great, they can add up to your cost significantly. And by flat bottom means that you keep the height of the pool constant without giving it a slope. This way it will be easier for you to clean from time to time.

  • Go for a box-shaped pool and avoid many fittings

Boxed shaped pools are commonly seen in houses, as they are easier to build, clean and maintain. Also keep fittings to the minimum, as too many fittings may complicate the system and make it tougher to maintain.

  • Don’t make your pool too deep

It is best to go with a pool design that is not too deep, especially if you have kids and non-swimmers at home. It is best to not build pools with a depth of more than 1.5 meters.

  • Try using a borehole and black liners

If you can get access to borehole water for your pool, it will make the natural refilling a lot easier. It will also cut down on your costs. For naturally heating your pool on a cheap budget, you can use a black liner, as they provide good results.

  • Make a proper drainage plan and choose professional water treatment

One of the important ideas for pool design is to find out a place in your backyard or garden that is not the lowest and make a system so that the water flows to this point so that water is recycled regularly. For water treatment purposes, it is best to hire experienced professionals only.

  • Take care of regular maintenance

You need to check on a few things about the water quality of your pool regularly. For instance, the pool water should be cleaned regularly, the water should be pH neutral, and it should not have high content of minerals, salts, and iron.

With these pool design ideas, you can have a clean and well-maintained swimming pool at your own home, and enjoy all the physical and mental benefits that the activity has to offer.

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