A Handy Guide to Buying Correct Timber Products

Timber Products

Timber happens to one of the basic building blocks of any house since it has diverse applications. Besides being useful for building furniture, it is also useful for flooring, beams and more. The fact that it is used as a building material makes it a type of wood that is in high demand. This article goes to list several unique properties, common uses and benefits of using timber. It is a must-read for those searching for Tasmanian Timber suppliers.

Properties of Timber

It is essential to be aware of all features of Timber products before selecting it for your next big project. Listed here are some of the main features of Timber:

  • Timber tends to have a distinct aroma.
  • The colour may vary; but it is important to know that the lighter the colour, the weaker the timber will be.
  • Timber is hard and resistant to several elements however this can vary too.
  • It is largely hygroscopic.
  • The specific gravity of timber can range from 0.3 to 0.9 and mainly depends on the pores it may have.
  • Varying grain arrangement, like straight, coarse, interlocked. Etc.
  • It does tend to shrink after cutting & drying; this is mainly due to the effect of a cell wall of timber to losing water. Thus, it may shrink to some extent but usually does not swell.
  • High-quality timber will usually be of good strength and can bear heavy load as well. The strength may vary, however, if bending strength is high, it means the quality of wood is high too.
  • Since it is tough, it can also bear shocks and jerks.
  • The thicker the wall of timber the higher the density and better the quality.
  • It is also highly durable and is elastic.

Common Applications

There are several applications of Timber besides being used for fuel purpose as listed here:

  • It is vital to the building & construction industry and often replaces other materials like steel and concrete.
  • It is also useful for heavy-duty construction like on railway sleepers, construction piers, etc.
  • Other applications include flooring, decks, furniture, musical instruments and several sporting goods.

Types of Timber 

There are many types of timber all having a wide range of properties as well as listed here:

  • American Black Walnut
  • Batu
  • Bamboo
  • Ironbark
  • American white oak
  • Teak
  • Victorian Ash
  • Western Red Cedar

Benefits of using Timber

Timber is one of the most sustainable construction material and hence there are many benefits of using it as listed here:

  • It is a natural building material that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and does not involve the release of chemical vapour into the building.
  • This material ages naturally.
  • It has been around since as long as one can remember and has been used for various constructions projects too.
  • The energy required to produce timber which involves converting wood from trees into usable building material (timber) is very low.
  • Since timber is made from carbon captured from the atmosphere, it is a good method of reducing this since it would be adding to the greenhouse effect if left as it is.
  • The fact that timber is a natural insulator is highly beneficial too since it is useful when building doors, windows, and floors. It reduces energy consumption during winter since it tends to keep indoors warm by taking advantage of its natural thermal insulation property.
  • All houses that make use of timber are more energy efficient.
  • It is highly versatile with a wide range of applications; besides which it is easy to work with.
  • It is easy to design your items as you please since it is flexible.
  • Building time is usually low, but it is easy to maintain and is highly durable.

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