Enhance creativity at workspace: Incorporating acoustics in your office design

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‘What?’ ‘ Pardon me?’ ‘Come again?’ – you must be familiar with these phrases if you work in a noisy workplace. Nothing can be more irking than an office isn’t peaceful and quiet. While building an office, you will invest in every basic requirement like buying bar stools online, arranging desks, installing air conditioners but one thing we often fail to pay attention to is the acoustic aspect of the office. This is the reason so many offices have invested in creating pleasant workspaces that enhance performance as well as employee satisfaction. There was a time when people did not know the gravity of the ‘sound’ aspect. Numerous studies have revealed that when people are constantly exposed to unpleasant noise or sound, their productivity decreases.

The key to keeping the acoustics of your office under control is by investing in acoustic furniture. Especially if you have an open floor, the acoustics are crucial in minimizing the noise level and making the surrounding more favorable for working. Sound travels very efficiently in open spaces. Hence, when you invest in furniture that is specially designed to keep noise under control, your office environment will have fewer distractions. The sound reduction depends on the type of furniture that you choose.

Should you worry about the acoustics of your workplace?

Noise pollution in the workplace may be caused due to several reasons. Whether it is mere noise of a phone ringing, chair scrapping or people talking- this can cause disturbance and affect people’s productivity. One solution to cut down noise pollution is to install acoustic panels. Acoustic panels absorb unwanted noise and make it easier for people to hear and understand each other. This, as a result, would reduce stress and improve the well-being of the employees.

Ways to improve workplace acoustics

There are various ways in which you can improve the acoustics in your workplace. You can begin by simple steps such as arranging the team in a way so that they can be more focused on their work. While there are benefits of an open floor plan, it is important to have dedicated meeting rooms for serious discussions. You can buy acoustic furniture to ensure that unnecessary sound or noise gets absorbed. You can also consider installing a room divider that is made up of acoustically absorbent material. These dividers are movable so you can move them as and when required. If carpets in office seem very outdated, you can incorporate acoustically treated ceilings that are a good aid to control sound. When it comes to flooring, it is best to opt for softer materials so that it can absorb noise easily. Ceilings, as well as floors, occupy a large portion of office space and they are also the easiest place to apply the acoustic treatment. These spaces don’t need a vacuum. The addition of acoustic foam to line the ceilings directly above noisy areas will make a dramatic improvement in noise reduction. This can actually add a point of interest in the room. Various researches suggest that noise itself isn’t distracting. Unwanted noise is something that causes a distracted and unproductive environment. And this is what hinders the productivity of your workforce. You can cope up with this by playing low-level, ambient sound so that it can mask the unwanted noise. This will make it easy for employees to converse without getting distracted.

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