Tips To Keep In Mind For Roof Cleaning


The roof is one of those structures in your house that is under constant exposure of heat and sunlight, a place where dirt and debris accumulate and come under the grip of heavy rainfall. If you live in an area where it snows heavily and the structure is covered with ice for several hours in the winter months, it is essential to ensure that no algae forms on the roof and the structure stays impervious. Therefore, you should try to clean your roof occasionally for the best result. Just as you hire experts for Roof Restoration in Melbourne, you can also talk to professional roof cleaning companies to complete the job safely and quickly.

Pressure washing technique

One of the most popular ways of cleaning your roof is a thorough cleaning of tiles or metal roofs, and the effective means of completing the task is through pressure washing. Even though the roofs that resist chemicals can facilitate washing the roof with chemicals, the method not only takes more time but can pose a lot of risks as well. Whether you have a tiled roof, which is made from terracotta or concrete and a metal roof, relying on the technique of pressure washing can keep away the daunting task of roof restoration in Frankston.

Read the following steps to know how to clean a roof and avoid roof repairs in Frankston.

  • Annual inspection

The best way to make sure that your roof stays in top shape is to hire a cleaning professional. However, before entering the contract, you can allow experts to check its condition to fix the issues suitably. An annual inspection will enable you to understand the problems in your roof and appoint professional companies to keep the problem in control. If you find it dangerous to climb your roof for inspection, you should allow people who secure the task professionally instead of tackling the risks.

  • Cleaning the gutters

One of the essential parts of cleaning the roof properly is to keep the gutters clean. Debris and dirt tend to accumulate in the gutter easily, causing it to lose its ability to drain snow and rainwater. If you fail to clean the roof suitably, you will face more trouble when twigs and falling branches accumulate inside the gutter. Allowing the debris to collect for a long time leads to water accumulation ion the roof, which eventually seeps through the shingles to reach underneath. If your roof is situated near the tree, you should clean the gutter regularly and trim the branches of trees to avoid clogging.

  • Cleaning slate roofing tiles

When it comes to cleaning slate roofing tiles, you should abstain from using pressure washing techniques. Just like terracotta tiles, they are porous and propagate the growth of algae. Due to thin layers of stone, you should not pressure clean to avoid damaging the tiles and prevent leaks. Moreover, slate tiles are highly brittle, so you should not walk on slate tiles as well.

Cleaning cement roofing tiles

For cleaning cement roofing tiles, using an anti-moss spray is essential. Before starting to clean cement tiles, you have to disconnect the water storage tank at first. Be sure to spray carefully as the ingredients may include chemicals and spoil the trees in your garden. Once the algae and moss on the roof turn brown, you can use a pressure cleaner to clean the cement tiles properly.

Finally, it is necessary to address the issues as soon as possible to avoid worsening the condition of the tiles properly.

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