Invest Smarter, Pay Less With Tax Depreciation

A tax depreciation schedule is probably one of the easiest ways to reduce taxation.

There is no doubt that property investment is one of the most significant investments, and one of the most excellent benefits of property investment is the tax benefits that an investor receives. You might be wondering how a property help in tax can, right? The answer is a tax depreciation schedule. It is not a myth that we can boost tax refund through a tax depreciation schedule. It is entirely legal to maximise earning and minimise taxation. A tax depreciation schedule is probably one of the easiest ways to reduce taxation. Expert property valuers can help us best in helping us receive the best of our investment. This is where Australian Valuers come into the play. They are the best professionals when it comes to tax depreciation in Brisbane.

Use depreciation, pay less

The concept behind the tax depreciation schedule is to deduct the tax that an investor pays each year. It operates on the assumption that the cost of a physical asset loses an equal amount each year due to wear and tear. The tax depreciation schedule is a comprehensive report that outlines the building costs and asset values of any property. It also highlights an annual value depreciation due to the property’s aging and wearing and tearing.

Why do I need a tax depreciation schedule?

Most people overlook the power of the tax depreciation schedule. But, a tax depreciation will help an investor save hundreds of dollars spent on repair and fixtures. It will maximise the cash flow and notice a higher return on investment.

What is listed in the schedule?

A tax depreciation schedule can be categorized into two sections to understand it easily.

Plant & equipment depreciation: This involves the fixing and fixtures within a property that has a finite lifetime due to wear and tear. The fixings such as lights, stove, fridge, security system, flooring, window, furniture, and every other asset that is provided as a part of the property.

-Capital works depreciation: Capital depreciation includes discount engaged with the cost of buildings. This includes construction, extensions, improvements, repairing of any structural nature. It will cover kitchen, renovation, bathroom, patio, driveways, garage, swimming pool area, garden, or fence.

Grab lasting advantages

As the benefits of property are looked for a long period, similarly having a tax depreciation schedule for the property can give lasting features that can help build wealth through property.

Now that you know that a tax depreciation schedule can help in the depreciation value of the property, you might be wondering how much you can claim? So, the claim value varies from property to property depending on the type of building, age, use, fixtures, and other factors. Investment owners of residential property, commercial property, companies, tenants can claim the depreciation. It’s always a wise step to contact an experienced professional who can help in claiming and choosing the best depreciation method that suits your investment idea, as you can not switch between the depreciation approaches.


A tax depreciation schedule will not only help the residential investment owner, but it will also help business investors. For receiving a maximum claim, it is necessary to combine the knowledge and skills of tax depreciation, and this is why moving to an expert is an ideal decision. Experts ensure that each residential, as well as business investors, receive a maximum claim.

In Brisbane, valuation service is a hard-pressured version of finding a top-notch service like Australian Valuers. Contact Australian Valuers today and maximize your return on your property. They guarantee to serve us with the most suitable tax depreciation approach for our investment.


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