How to Protect Your Carpets from Damage


Whenever you have heavy foot traffic at home, you plan to protect the flooring of that portion of the house with rugs or carpets. Carpets are quite famous among new homeowners as colourful ones can easily make the house shine. You can place these carpets anywhere you want and then get proper protection for your floor. However, basic carpet cleaning is not all that you need. There are some ways in which you can protect your carpets from damage like dog pee, unwanted wine spilling, and even dirt and dust accumulation.

Taking carpet for a clean is not just time-consuming but repairing carpets can be an expensive ordeal. If you don’t want to be a part of any such mess, following some basic protective tips along with the carpet cleaning Doveton can help you out a lot.

  • Try keeping food in kitchen only:

One easy way to prevent your carpet from getting damaged is by keeping food away from it. Don’t try to bring the food in living room areas and restrict its movement to the dining space only. If you don’t walk with your food, you have fewer chances to spill it over the carpet, maintaining its good look for long.

  • Try using covers for the carpets:

Your facility might see loads of foot traffic. Unfortunately, heavy traffic can always wear down carpets faster. The carpet cleaning Knoxfield might help in keeping the products spotless but won’t protect it from wearing out. Accumulated dirt and dust in carpet fabric can often release toxins and bacteria, which will make the surrounding air unhealthy. So, try to use carpet covers and mats in their entryways and hallways, so that it works better in protecting the carpets.

  • Train pets to keep away from carpets:

Dog or cat training is in your hands. Their furs and pee can stink up the carpet even before you know it, creating an unhealthy scenario throughout your place. So, it is always mandatory for you to train pets in such a way so that they will just keep away from the carpets always. They won’t sit on it and won’t think of peeing. They must have a special place in your home to relieve them. So, they won’t need to pee or poo on your carpet, and stinking it more.

  • Regular vacuum is a must:

Even if you don’t feel like it, try to dedicate a specific time of the day to vacuum your carpet. You have to do that on a regular basis if you want to maintain the longevity and freshness of the carpets alive. You can give your carpet for a proper dry wash once or twice every year. But for the rest of the days in a year, trying to vacuuming the carpet on a daily basis will help to maintain that flawless look of the carpets well and for a long time.

  • For each door use doormats:

People entering from outside and directly standing on the carpet will force the carpet fabrics to soak in the dirt and dust that comes with them. So, try to keep a doormat outside every door. So, whenever anybody comes over, they can just use the doormat to swipe and clean their feet before entering your space and right onto the carpet.

Be very specific of carpet cleanliness if you want this investment to last long.

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