How to Help Your Kids Beat Language Learning Fears

The Best Language Learning Tips for Kids
How to Help Your Kids Beat Language Learning Fears

Learning a foreign language is one of the hardest things you can do in your life. However, kids have a huge advantage—their little brains are like sponges soaking up the knowledge, so it’s important to start early when introducing them to a new language. But what can you do to help your child when they have a language learning crisis? Here are a few solutions.

Try online classesTry online classes

In case your kid is shy, you can provide them with language learning experience straight from the comfort of their own home. Online classes can provide your kid with a good online tutor they can see via video call. Your kid and their tutor can chat, practice pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and language use confidence.

Use flashcards

While kids usually acquire language, not learn it in a traditional way, sometimes they are required to memorize certain words. In order to help them with that task, you can create some flashcards, keep them in your pocket and flash them at your kid from time to time. This will ensure your kids remember certain important keywords so they can use them in future conversations.

Find a good language school

This is probably the best solution for thorough language learning in a professional environment. And, you can find these language schools wherever you are no matter what language you’re trying to teach your kid. For instance, Monkey Tree in Hong Kong is perfect for young kids and will teach your little ones English in a fun, stress-free way. It can also be a good opportunity for you, in case you’re searching for a job—they always hire experienced staff.

Travel abroad

Kids have a natural ability to adapt to foreign situations, so if you’re ambitious when it comes to their learning, pack your suitcases and take a trip. No matter if English, Mandarin, Spanish or German, your kids will learn quickly and easily when surrounded by foreign-language speakers.

Hire bilingual help

If you’re too busy with your work and chores, you can hire a bilingual nanny for your kids. This move can do wonders for your kids’ language skills and allow you to rest or catch up with your busy work schedule knowing your kids are safe. It’s one of the easiest and convenient ways for your kids to practice the language.

Choose language games and video games

If your kids love to use technology, you can download some fun video games with plenty of dialogue that will inspire them to learn. When your kid is playing, language learning will come as a game, not a chore. With Google, you can find many free or inexpensive games to spice up your kids’ learning sessions or fend off boredom.

Whip out some fun movies and cartoonsWhip out some fun movies and cartoons

Every kid loves cartoons and movies—they are great for fun and learning. Go online and download a bunch of second language content, and don’t forget subs if your kids are old enough to read. If they can’t read, they will still get exposure and develop listening and comprehension skills.

Listen to foreign music

Another way to encourage subconscious language learning is to have casual dance parties with foreign music. Play foreign songs during car rides or when hanging out around the house and you will notice you kids singing along in no time—it’s great for vocabulary and sentence structure learning.

Find interesting foreign books

If your kids can read, hit your local bookstore and find some foreign language books. Choose something that’s colorful and easy to comprehend and your kid will always have something fun to grab when bored or ready for bed.

All of these learning tips will do wonders for your kids’ language learning and you’ll have a little bilingual blabber-mouth in your house in no time!


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