The Ever Evolving Cafe Culture In Australia


It was back in 1788 when coffee came fleeting its way to the beautiful country of Australia. It was later in 1830 when the cafes started to open. People began their day in a cafe with their favorite coffee and ended their hectic day with a cup of latte. For travelers who came to Melbourne, love going around the city and touring to different cafes. Whether you want to brunch in Melbourne or you want to grab a cup of coffee with your friend, there are plenty of cafes in Melbourne and you can find one that will suit your preference.


When we fast forward to 50 or so years, coffee has now become a fundamental component of contemporary society in Australia. Parallel to that, the cafe culture has become an undeniably ubiquitous entity in itself and has embarked a vital part in Melbourne’s own culture. Tourists now visit various cities in Australia just to visit different cafes and try out various things.


In this era where people believe in showcasing their lives on social media- what you eat what you drink it is likely that all of that will go up on social media. So whenever you order a flat latte, cappuccino or flat white you have this urge to post it on social media. For this, you feel the need to find an aesthetic cafe so that your pictures are social-media worthy.

Cafes like Shanklin Cafe have aesthetically appealing interior which makes it a perfect backdrop for pictures.


What is it about Australian cafes?

Think about a scenario where you to go to a cafe where the coffee is amazing and the staff is friendly the ambiance is inviting, would you go back again? For most people, the answer would be yes! This is the reason people love cafes in Australia. This is precisely the very reason why the cafes have multiplied in Australia. Also, compared to European countries, the scenario of outdoor seating in Australia is ideal. The sunny weather and bright morning are very tempting for a cup of hot coffee and brunch.

Brunching in the cutest cafes

Brunching has gained commendable popularity overtime. From sourdough to pork benny, there are so many delicacies that the Aussies prefer. The trend of brunching dates back to 1800 and has been around since then. The beauty of branches lies in its simplicity. There are whole grains, plenty of green things, juices yogurt (often coconut) and fruits, toast (so much toast), avocado (so much of that, too), and thriving brunch culture.

There are so many great cafes where you can enjoy the best brunch in Hawthorn. You will be delighted by the eastern offering that the cafes have along with some fresh juice, eggs, and Turkish toasts. If you are planning to visit a popular sport in the city then make sure you make reservations in advance. The best thing about café culture nowadays is that whilst adhering to the belief that coffee is social, you do not have to be social in a café.

Most cafes provide shared public spaces where you can enjoy your brunch or brew in peace.  While you sip your coffee, you can catch up on some reading or bring your laptop to do your thing.  This is what the best part about being at a cafe is, its paradox: if you are an introvert you can be surrounded by people while you enjoy your own company.

Make sure you visit Shanklin Cafe to indulge in some of their finest meals and enjoy the best coffee and the best brunch in Hawthorn.

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