Millennial Women, Watch Out! You’re the Most Stressed Generation Yet

How millennials became the most stressed-out generation.
Millennial Women, Watch Out! You’re the Most Stressed Generation Yet

Compared to previous generations, Millennial women show the biggest signs of stress yet. When asked to rate their stress levels (on a scale from 1 to 5) women in general show the average levels of 3.03 while men report levels of 2.66. Millennial women, on the other hand, rated their stress with a high mark of 3.4. If that’s not enough, they are more likely to experience insomnia, loneliness, isolation and the feelings of not being in control. So, in order to battle this modern disease, here are a few facts that will help with stress reduction and management.

What is stress?What is stress?

First, you need to know your enemy. While we all heard about stress, not many of us know exactly what it is and what it does to the body. Stress is the body’s response to the events that happen in people’s daily lives. It usually has negative connotations, but oftentimes, stress can motivate people to pursue and achieve their hopes, dreams and goals. But when there’s too much of it, stress can take a toll on almost every part of life and can make it hard to adapt and cope. For some women, being stressed is the normal way of life, unfortunately. In many cases, modern women as so busy that they have no time to rest, reflect and slow down enough to notice any negative effects of stress.

What causes stress in women?

Stress can stem from many sources. In general, men and women share many of the most common causes of stress such as money, career, health and relationships. But, since women often take on many different roles, their stress levels can sky-rocket. Women are usually burdened with family obligations, caregiving (to children and elderly relatives) work responsibilities and many other roles. When we take a look at the load of issues that rest on women’s backs, it’s easy to see why so many women feel overwhelmed and overworked. In case they are unable to meet expectations, it can only increase the feelings of stress. Additionally, women often tend to put someone else’s needs in front of their own and when faced with huge amounts of stress, they completely fail to recognize what their needs are.

Ways Millennials relieve stressWays Millennials relieve stress

What some women do in order to reduce the load of responsibilities is asking for help with daily obligations. A good playgroup for children can provide much-needed rest for the mother and give kids a safe environment for play, learning and fun with peers. In the meantime, the parent can relax, catch up with work or spend quality time with her partner. Daily exercise is also a great way to reduce stress, because it releases happiness hormones, provides a healthy way to vent and reduces health issues. Sleeping, watching TV and listening to music are also easy and quick ways to forget about problems and just relax.

Money issues?

Today, there’s a great gender gap when it comes to financial stress. According to Millennial women ages 23 to 38, most of them report that money is one of their top stress causes. Women, in general, find thinking about money overwhelming. Creating a good savings plan and getting educated on financial issues can help battle money stress and allow more security. There are great books, podcasts and professional financial advisors who can offer insight into the world of finances and ensure you are safe at least in that field.

Money issues?

While Millennial women experience a lot of stress, not everything is that gloomy. There are various steps in the right direction: Millennials are more likely to see a therapist, ready to make compromises in favor of self-care and pay attention to their mental health. With more attention devoted to this issue, we can expect to improve the health of Millennial women and provide a happier future for everyone.

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