Useful Tips on Finding the Most Flattering Swimsuits for All Body Types

How to find the best swimsuits for your body type.

Come summertime, most of us have small anxiety attacks when we think about the fact that we will be putting on our swimsuits and spending time at the beach or near the pool. Most of us aren’t always 100% confident, and we worry about the way we look. Picking swimsuits that look good on us and that make us feel good when wearing them isn’t always easy, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you find the right one. Here are some useful tips on finding the most flattering swimsuits for your body type:

Apple-shaped bodyApple-shaped body

Apple-shaped bodies are usually a bit heavier in the middle and ladies with this body shape are sometimes reluctant to show off their tummies. This is perfectly normal, and fortunately, there are many swimwear options that will be perfect for you. You don’t have to expose your midsection if the thought of it makes you uncomfortable – one-piece swimsuits are a great option as are different tankinis. Pick something with cheerful prints and bold colors, get frilled details to accentuate your waist, or choose something with side panels. You could even find a nice bikini with a high-waist bottom that offers tummy support, and flaunt your figure with confidence.

Pear-shaped body

If you are less endowed in the upper section we have some good news – you can wear pretty much any style swimsuit that your heart desires. You don’t have to worry about finding the one that offers support for your chest, but you are probably worried about your hips instead. When picking a bikini, try to find something that has a bit of adding because it will add contour. You can also easily balance your bottom-heavy figure with something simple, like picking a piece that has bold patterns or colors on top. Steer clear of ‘boy shorts’ cuts because these hit straight across your thighs and will actually make them appear wider than they actually are.

Hourglass-shaped bodyHourglass-shaped body

A curvy bust and bottom separated by a defined waist – girl, it’s like you’ve been built for the beach! You shouldn’t be afraid and try to hide what you’ve got by wearing baggy kaftans and oversized tees. Instead, try to find perfect bikinis online that will accentuate your curves properly. The most flattering style for hourglass-shaped bodies is classic two-piece bikinis, but even a simple one-piece that pulls in at the waist will be a great option. Dare to experiment and pick something with daring colors or trendy prints, but try to find something that offers a bit of extra support in the chest area, especially if you have larger breasts.

Inverted triangle-shaped body

If you don’t have wide hips but rather narrow ones and broad shoulders, your body shape is an inverted triangle or a cone. You shouldn’t be afraid to show off those beautiful broad shoulders, but try to balance them out by drawing more attention to your hips. The bottoms you choose should add a bit of extra volume and dimension to your hips, and you could even try to accessorize with belts, ruffles, bows, as well as hoops and sequins. High-cut swimsuits will make your legs look longer and highlight the widest part of your hips.

Rectangle-shaped body

If you have a narrow figure with little waist definition and your shoulders are about the same width as your hips, you have a rectangle body shape. While you don’t have to worry about balancing out proportions, you might want to try creating some curves. You can do this by adding details that add dimension such as cut-outs, shirring, and bold prints. These will create an illusion of a more hourglass shape. Depending on what you’d like to achieve, you can focus on swimsuits that enhance your bust, widen your hips, or even slim down your waist.

Rectangle-shaped body

If you don’t want to make buying a swimsuit an overwhelming task, you should take your time before you buy one. Choosing the perfect swimsuit for your body doesn’t have to be a difficult or overwhelming task when you know what you’re looking for. With so many different possibilities, styles, and trends that change every season, it can be tricky finding the right one, but when you know your body shape, it makes things much easier. Remember that the most important thing is to get a swimsuit that’s appealing for you, and that makes you comfortable.


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