5 Ways to Make Employees Feel Appreciated

5 Ways to Make Employees Feel Appreciated

Some entrepreneurs believe that if they put their employee in a position from which they can advance and provide them with a decent paycheck, they’ve done all that the employee in question appreciated. Sadly, this is not true, due to the fact that the paycheck will, most likely, be interpreted as appropriate for the position in question. In fact, they might even feel like they could be replaced by anyone at any time. It’s up to you to change their minds. Here are five methods for achieving this.

  1. Tell them

If you feel like someone is an invaluable member of your team and that your business couldn’t do without them, try telling them. Sure, the phrase itself may seem generic and they might have heard it before, however, there’s nothing to stop you from learning a thing or two about what it is that they really do. Talk to their team leader and try to figure out what their contribution to the last project that they worked on was. Then, if you mention that in this pep talk of yours, all of a sudden, your words will sound a lot more meaningful.

  1. Ask them what they want

Every single person in your company has their own dreams and aspirations. Even if you can’t directly help them reach these goals, the very fact that you care about what makes them tick will make them feel appreciated. Sometimes, however, there’ll be a lot of things that you can do to make a difference. Sending them to seminars, paying for online courses or even allowing them to move laterally within your organization (towards a path that they care more about) is what this is all about.

  1. Commemorate their personal milestones

No one expects you to know the birthday of every single one of your employees or even remember the exact date of their work anniversary. After all, you have a calendar, an app or even a social network to remind you of this date. Due to the fact that your employees are also aware of all these tools that you have available, forgetting to address them is even more neglectful. You don’t even have to get them something personal for this milestone. A prepaid MasterCard gift card with a selected amount is a more than suitable solution.

5 Ways to Make Employees Feel Appreciated

  1. Give them autonomy

One of the things that can show a lack of trust the most is constantly trying to micro-manage your employees at every turn. By doing so, you’re displaying a lack of trust, not just in their abilities but also in their honesty and responsibility. If this doesn’t show a lack of appreciation, nothing does. So, what you need to do is properly delegate tasks and give your staff autonomy to handle them as they see fit. Still, it’s incredibly important that you always find the right person for the task. Other than showing appreciation, this also makes your job of running a team a lot easier from the logistical standpoint.

  1. Give them the freedom to customize their workplace

Provided that they work in cubicles, every one of your employees should have the full freedom to customize it at their own behest and to their own liking. This will not only give them a more pleasant environment to work in, but also help them develop a sense of ownership towards the office. What this communicates is the idea that they’re a permanent part of your organization; a full-fledged member of your community.


The best thing about these five methods is the fact that they’re frugal and universally applicable. This means that they don’t depend on your industry, the size of your team or the current status of your business. In other words, they have all the features that you could possibly need.

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