Top 5 Health and Safety Hazards to Look out for When Remodeling Your Home



Remodeling your home and introducing updates is one of the most exciting things you could invest your time and money in. It’s also an amazing opportunity to change the layout and the design of your place, making it more modern, stimulating, welcoming and comfortable than ever. Remodeling is neither easy nor simple, but it’s a chance to make things right, and you’ll be able to finally change everything that was bothering you in the past. Fixing certain issues that were jeopardizing your life is one of the things you should pay attention to, so here are five health and safety hazards you should look out for when remodeling your home.

Plumbing problems

This isn’t something that puts your health at risk right away, but it could definitely ruin your life and seriously change the way you live. Lots of old houses have outdated plumbing, and that’s a problem you should address immediately – right after moving in, if possible. Various plumbing issues lead to rot, mold and studs, and this doesn’t just ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home, but can actually lead to certain illnesses. The same goes for corroded or galvanized pipes, especially if you’re used to drinking tap water, and you could end up quite ill unless you discover and solve the problem on time.


This is another dangerous substance that was quite popular some time ago, but you can still find it in lots of old houses. Asbestos isn’t that much of a problem when you don’t mess with it, but as soon as you’re exposed to it, you could get into big problems and jeopardize your health. This is especially true for people living in hot areas, such as Australia. If your house is built in Brisbane, for instance, before 1990, it’s quite likely that it contains some form of asbestos material. That’s why you might want to look into professional air quality testing in Brisbane and make sure everything is all right. Of course, you can try doing this on your own, but hiring someone with a bit more experience is always better, so do that as soon as possible.

Toxic substances

People used to build houses rather differently back in the day, and it’s no surprise that lots of modern homes are full of substances that are highly toxic. These weren’t considered problematic a few decades ago, but have been classified as dangerous since, so you should try to remove them from your living space as soon as you can. From lead paint to volatile organic compounds, you could be surrounded by poisonous things without even being aware of that, so run a thorough inspection and remove all of these dangerous chemicals from your home.

Electrical problems

Even if you’re not an electrician or haven’t invited one with you when you were inspecting your home before moving in, noticing serious electrical problems is easier than you think. Outdated cables could be a bit hard to spot, but exposed wires, old sockets, and burnt power plugs are quite easy to see. Luckily, they’re usually just as easy to fix, so hire a professional electrician and have all these issues taken care of. If you don’t do that, though, you could start a fire or risk hurting yourself, and that’s something you should definitely try to avoid.

Building issues

This is something you can’t fix that easily, especially if big structural issues were present before you moved. If your foundations aren’t absolutely perfect, for example, you can expect problems with walls, floors and the roof down the road, and this basically turns your entire house into a health and safety risk. And since fixing the foundations usually costs more than you can imagine, this isn’t something new homeowners love doing. Instead, you should inspect your home before purchasing it and simply keep looking in case there’s something wrong with the foundations.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of these problems and they don’t even notice them until it’s too late. These things can be taken care of rather easily, and it’s never a bad idea to invest some more money when remodeling your home and remove these health hazards than to keep risking your life and your health day after day.


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