Extend Your Home: Choices on Building a Family Room Addition


Is your family getting too big for your tiny house? It’s time to provide your housemates with some extra elbow space with a practical family room addition. There are different ways you can expand your home, so choose one and get to work.

Enclose your patio

This requires a lot of work but brings good results. You’ll need to put up walls, and a roof to your space and ensure your foundation is stable to support the extra weight. Your enclosed patio needs to feel like a part of your home and be accessible through the house. However, if you do it right, you’ll have a wonderful space for family hangouts and relaxation.

Extend Your Home: Choices on Building a Family Room Addition

Create a bump-out

This is probably the most common way people choose to enlarge their homes. An average-sized bump-out will add anywhere from 4 to 5 square meters to your space. This allows you to grab some bigger furniture, add extra entertainment or just get some more maneuvering space for your day. This is also the most cost-effective way to enlarge your home (even though it’s not super cheap). And if you invest in revolutionary steel frame construction, you’ll finish your project much faster. This means fewer disturbances to your daily life and more reliable results.

Finish your attic

Are you looking for something very easy yet effective? Why not finish your attic? Add a new dormer to your space and it will instantly add some precious headroom and make the space more comfortable for living, playing and relaxing. Plus, a dormer will add not only natural light and ventilation to your addition, but also provide your home with some extra style. They improve your home’s curb appeal and your resale value will skyrocket in case you ever decide to sell.

Extend Your Home: Choices on Building a Family Room Addition

Finish your garage

This is a tricky one. If you want to add some space to your living quarters by finishing your garage, you’ll lose the place to park your car! However, since garages usually need very little work in order to be turned into family rooms, you might consider investing in a cheap carport and sacrifice your garage after all.

Build up

Adding a second story to your home is also a good solution. You’ll get plenty of space not only for a brand new family room but also for bedrooms and game rooms. However, it can be very expensive to build such an addition. You need to add a brand new roof, new walls and windows and you must ensure your foundation is reinforced so it can withstand all the extra weight. You also might need special zoning ordinances and check your local building codes before you tackle your project.

Modular room addition

This is something not many people even know about, but you can build your addition off-site and have it delivered to your house thanks to the new modular housing technology. Pre-fabricated modules (something similar as containers serving as offices or housing on construction sites) and brought with a truck and lifted into place with a crane. The crew ties the addition to the house and voila—a brand new house addition!

Pick one of these additional types for your space and get to work. Most of them will give you plenty of new space for your family to enjoy new activities, share stories or just relax during a lazy Sunday.

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