How to Spend a Week in Sydney

Interesting things to do in Sydney.

Sydney has become one of the hottest travel destinations in recent years, and this is no wonder. Sun-blazed beaches, a breathtaking skyline and a wonderland of national parks are just some of the reasons for visiting the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia. However, you may be wondering how to use up your holiday and try to squeeze everything it has to offer into only a week’s time. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – take a look at our 7 days in Sydney guide and get ready to fall in love with this magical city.

Day 1 - Walk around the cityDay 1 – Walk around the city

You just arrived and you’re excited about so many places and sights, and you feel like a week won’t be enough. Take a step back and give yourself a day to acquaint yourself with the city through a casual walk. Start at Circular Quay and stroll through the historic Rocks District towards the Opera House. There are plenty of hours in a day to enjoy the lovely nature in Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, admire Sydney’s city center and spend the evening in Darling Harbor.

Day 2 – Take a cruise

Going on a cruise in Sydney Harbor should be on everyone’s Aussie bucket list. After all, Sydney is a harbor city, and it would be an incomplete trip without it. There are numerous destinations within greater Sydney available for sightseeing cruises, but there are also shorter and more exciting alternatives such as dinner or dance cruises.

Day 3 – Have a unique foodie experience

Doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie or not, dedicating a day to food-indulgence in Sydney is totally worth it. Get breakfast at some of the traditional bakeries, have a fancy lunch at one of the best restaurants in Eastern Suburbs like The Botanica Vaucluse with an oasis-like environment and finish the day in Aussie style, fatty good and a pint of beer.

Day 4 - Experience the artsy sideDay 4 – Experience the artsy side

When in such a big city with rich culture, it’s a shame not to spend a day tasting the glorious historical, musical and artistic sides of it. There are a number of museums you can stumble upon during your walking tour, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sydney Museum, and once you reach Darling Harbor, the Powerhouse Museum and the Australian National Maritime Museum. And luckily, tickets to museums, monuments and such attractions in Sydney are not as pricey as in other capitals, so enjoy your cultural enrichment for a full day.

Day 5 – Beach day

Although sightseeing is exciting and rewarding, it can also be exhausting. This is why you deserve a day of self-indulgence, with little less walking, hiking and cruising. Spend a day at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and enjoy the spectacular views of the sandstone cliffs, fabulous waves and golden sand. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, go to amazing Bondi Beach and after a 2-hour surf lesson, you’ll be ready to take on those wild waves.

Day 6 – Wildlife tour

Being in a Kangaroo country is a good enough reason to add wildlife and safari tours on your itinerary. There are so many adorable and exotic animal species you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. From Tasmanian devils through koalas to kangaroos – make sure to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park or Wild Life Sydney at Darling Harbour and see these Aussie natives up close before leaving Sydney.

Day 7 – Of your choosing

After 6 days in Sydney, you’ll definitely be in love with the city and already feeling nostalgic. Use the last day for whatever your heart desires, whether hanging out with the locals or spending a day enjoying the views, it’s up to you.

With this 7-day itinerary, you’re more than ready and inspired to hit the road and visit the very heart of Australia. Be careful though, and remember that we did warn you – Sydney is a tough one to get over.


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