Roof inspection Checklist for Residential Roof



The roof is the most underrated part of a house. People usually don’t seem to care about their roof unless it starts to leak or the shingles are broken. Waiting for the roof to be in its absolutely last stage is the worst thing to consider, giving rise to more investment than the initial payment. Time to time roof inspection is a clear way to save money and prevent the roof from any further issue. This form of roof inspection can even prepare the roof to stay strong during harsh weather conditions. So, be prepared to create a checklist of the roof inspection, which will help you to be on track all the time.

Exterior roofing inspection:

There are some exterior points associated with the roof, which needs to be placed within the checklist for sure.  Be prepared to get those areas covered and the roofing inspection will start just after that.

1) Loose or missing shingles or broken seals on shingles will act as some points to be added in the list

2) Exposed to loose nails are to be fixed ASAP

3) You better check the chimney for some cracks and work on that too

4) Sometimes, you might notice rubber boots at top of pipes for the dry rots and you need to work on that too

When roofing parts are getting sagged:

Some people might mistake it to be the design, but sagging roof lines mean you are in urgent need of roof replacement. Primarily, people fail to notice the wavy rooflines, unless they get to closely watch it from the road.

1) The roof lines start to sag as the rafters are damaged.

2) With passing time, the rafters will start to weaken because of snow load.

3) Termite and rot damage can be some of the other reasons.

4) In case, the house is situated near big trees, then tree roots might affect the foundation, which might result in roof damage.

Check for shingle granules in gutters:

Granules are often known to play major roles. They mainly coat shingles for adding beauty to them and reflecting the rays of the sun. You will surely come to realize when roof experiences granule loss when you find some in the gutters.

1) Granule loss can take place due to excessive sun exposure or even as a result of foot traffic or normal tear and wear.

2) No matter whatever the reason might be such granule loss can always speed up roof ageing. So, depending on severity, contacting a roofing contractor seems to be of urgent need.

Signs of some early leaks:

A yearly form of roof check-up is always great but problems can occur any time without any notice prior. Some of the early signs might help you get rid of the trouble.

1) Dark ceiling spots

2) Peeling paints on the underside of roof overhangs

3) Damp spots right beside the fireplaces

There are pros ready to help you with the roof restoration services. You just need to create the checklist beforehand to call the experts at the right time always.

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