6 Easy Steps to Paint Your Commercial Property


Painting a residential unit is not that tough, but doing the same for commercial property is a completely different ball game. It is always mandatory to contact experts to provide you with painting services in Melbourne. But before any of that, checking out the credentials of the painters in East Melbourne is always important. They are covering Melbourne and surrounding suburb areas like Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne, East Melbourne and even the South East Melbourne.

There are 6 simple steps available when you are willing to paint your commercial property. Let’s jump right into details with help from painters in South East Melbourne.

  1. Judge the available space:

You have to first judge the available space that painters working in South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne have to cover. Right from the area to the height of the walls of these commercial buildings, you have to note that all. The reputed painters in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs will be the one to carry out the painting task with ease. They will measure the available space before letting you with the time and money they need for completing the task.

  1. Check out the tools you need:

There are some tools that you need to use for painting the commercial spaces. For the second step, after judging the available space of the commercial property, you have to check out the tools you need for the service. Some special tools in need are tape, drop cloth, paint tray, colours you have selected for the service, paint rollers, ladders and small brushes for the corners.

  1. Have to cover the furnishing items:

As you are concerned with the commercial spaces now, so the interiors might have some office stationaries in place. So, for the next step, you have to cover those items with newspapers and other covering cloth to not get paints on them. If you fail to do so, chances are high that you might be ruining office stationeries for sure.

  1. Start with the corners

In case of commercial space painting, the pros will start with the corners first. They will use the smaller brushes for covering the smaller corners first and then will consider working on the main areas. If the interior walls are likely to have texture on them then those will be covered last after applying the base coat on top.

  1. Bigger machines for covering massive spaces:

Hand rolling the bigger commercial walls is tough and experts will use updated machines for the same. These machines will roll out paint on the walls within seconds and cover the areas in no time. You better ask experts to use the paints for you.

  1. Clean the mess after:

After the painting is done and covered with, it is time to clean the space. The space will be a complete mess but that won’t be like that for long. You can call cleaning department to take the work from there.

These six steps are simple and readily available to paint the commercial properties in no time.

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