7 Signs You Should Start Thinking About Losing Weight

Visible Signs You Should Start Thinking About Losing Weight
7 Signs You Should Start Thinking About Losing Weight

Admitting, or even noticing, that we gained weight is not that easy. However, if the girl at the nearby bakery keeps giving you a judging look every time you order that extra donut, it might be high time for you to reconsider your lifestyle and take a better look in the mirror. You don’t want it to come to the point when you’ll be looking down while passing by shop windows so to avoid your reflection. We listed the most common signs telling you that you need to start thinking about the ways to cut back on food indulgence and work on losing those extra pounds.

1.Your clothes can’t fit you1.Your clothes can’t fit you

One of the first and most alarming signs strikes you when you’re getting ready for a big night out, and you pull out your favorite jeans only to have them stuck around your thighs. However, most times you’ll be blaming your washing machine for having shrunk your clothes, or put all the effort in squeezing yourself into your favorite clothing piece and forgetting this ever happened. However, if your clothes suddenly feel like borrowed, that’s a very clear sign that you should start thinking about losing weight.

2.Your BMI is high

And a very technical and practical way to check on your weight gain is your body mass Index number. You can look up excellent free BMI calculators for a precise number taking into account your height, weight, age and more, and then act upon your weight gain accordingly.

3.You avoid mirrors3.You avoid mirrors

Once you’re officially far from your previous scale number, when you start avoiding mirrors a little too often. This is particularly present in the phase of denial, during which we would rather avoid our reflection than admit that we took self-care way too far in the sphere of food-indulgence. Avoiding mirrors means that you’re not feeling good about how you look, and there’s no better reason to motivate yourself to change things and lose weight than aspiring to feel good about your looks!

4.You get tired quickly

You’re constantly sleepy, and have low or zero energy for physical activities? Get on the scale, since this is very probably an indicator of gaining weight. The more we gain weight, the less we feel like being active, contributing to more and more weight gain. Doing some cardio on quality treadmills will help you regain your energy and get back in shape in no time.

5.You skip social activities5.You skip social activities

Sometimes we don’t even notice that our body image changed, but our subconscious self does, and the way it acknowledges this is through avoiding social contacts, skipping gatherings and refusing to meet new people. This is an important sign which doesn’t only tell us that we’ve been neglecting our fitness routine and healthy lifestyle, but that we might have developed a mild psychological condition as well. However, if treated on time, both of the issues mentioned are easily solvable.

6. You snore

If you’re getting complaints about snoring for the first time in your life, there is a chance you’re also getting bigger. Weight gain can lead to sleeping problems and even disorders, causing people to snore or cough. Therefore, besides aesthetic reasons, you might want to take action quickly since sleep is so important for your health, daily functioning and overall productivity.

7. You have to sit in order to take off your shoes

Well, if you can’t see your toes, you and your beer belly are in big trouble, and in dire need of an intense cardio session.

If you found yourself identifying with any of these points, perhaps you should consider switching to a healthier lifestyle and start preparing for your weight loss journey. Even though it’s not an easy, nor pleasant realization, it’s important to act upon it as soon as possible. So take good note of these tips.

image credit: pixabay.com

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