Why You Should Drink More Tea

How tea helps your overall health.

Whether drinking tea is a ritual for you every evening, or you’re only having some when you go out to meet a friend on a winter day, there’s no denying that tea is good for us. Fruity, black, green and everything in between, all have their specific benefits to our health, but drinking any kind of tea regularly will make you healthier, even if it’s just to get you more hydrated. So let’s look at some of the most important benefits of drinking tea:

Slows down aging

There are two main reasons why tea slows down the aging process: antioxid”Slowsants and cortisol. Firstly, teas are filled with antioxidants, which help your cells regenerate and repair, making them age slower, and it has even been suggested that it helps ward off some forms of cancer. On the other hand, drinking tea lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes your skin age quicker, as well as contributes to formation of belly fat, which can be dangerous. Cortisol tends to spike in stressful situations, but drinking a cup of tea per day can help lower cortisol levels, and by doing so make you healthier and younger for longer.

Stronger bones

You might think that stronger bones can only be achieved by putting milk in your tea, but actually studies show that tea alone makes your bones stronger. There aren’t any straight answers as to why this is, but it’s theorized that it’s because of the phytochemicals contained in tea.

”MentalMental health

Ever taken a cup of tea to calm yourself down when you were nervous or stressed? Well, it’s not just placebo. On one hand, there is the ritual of taking our favorite porcelain tea sets, which automatically calms us down because we’re performing a routine action. Then there are the calming benefits of tea drinking: lowering stress hormones, calming down headaches and nervous tensions, as well as enabling a sharper state of mind, thanks to the caffeine it contains. So, next time you want to help someone who is tense and nervous, give them a cup.

Helps lose weight

There are several ways in which tea helps us lose weight. Firstly, while tea can be wonderfully tasty – it’s completely calorie free. Unless you add additional sweeteners, cream, milk or other additions, tea is flavored water, and it can satisfy a craving for a snack without adding to your daily calorie count. But tea also boosts your metabolism. Make sure you’re not drinking any “lose weight fast” teas, because those are just laced with laxatives which will do more harm than good, but sip on some good old green tea instead. It isn’t a magic pill, but it will help you burn around 80 additional calories everyday – and that’s better than none at all.

”BetterBetter than most drinks

While you might think that tea isn’t all that great, it’s better than most other things you might be drinking. Both coffee and tea contain caffeine, but tea contains significantly lower amounts – enough to get you alert, boost short-term memory and improve your concentration, but not enough to cause the negative side effects the same amount of coffee would cause. It’s also very hydrating – because it’s essentially water, but it doesn’t come with the negatives of juices and other artificially flavored drinks.

If tea still isn’t on your daily menu, you should try changing that for a few weeks, and see how good you feel. Once you make it a part of your daily routine, it will be second nature, and you can rest easy knowing it’s one of the best habits you’ll ever develop.

image credit: pixabay.com

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