Clever Ways to Plan a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Clever Ways to Plan a Luxury Wedding on a Budget
Clever Ways to Plan a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

According to a recent study, a typical modern wedding costs approximately $36,000 if you count $5,000 a couple spends on their engagement and an additional $4,000 that is roughly spent on the honeymoon. While for some people that already sounds like an obscene amount of money, others will make their budget twice or even three times as high. If you’re the one from the former group, you’ll be happy to know that even with a small budget, you can still plan a fabulous dream wedding.

Stay away from popular dates

”StayYou know how off-season vacations are more affordable than those in the middle of the season? Well, the same goes for weddings. June is known to be the most popular wedding month, and if you pick a Saturday in June, you should get ready for experiencing a minor bankruptcy. That’s why you should consider not only switching June for December, but also picking Thursday or Sunday for your wedding day, instead of Saturday. During peak wedding seasons, everyone from photographers, to caterers and florists will charge you more than if you had a wedding off-season, so consider this option to save up the money.

Rely on DIY

DIY projects are literally lifesavers, and not to mention budget-friendly. Thanks to a myriad of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, you can easily design and create wedding invitations all on your own. Even the centerpieces can be your work of art, and with a little help from your bridesmaids and your family, you can have lovely décor for your wedding without spending a fortune.

Make a style statement

”MakeEven though you’re planning your wedding on a budget, you’ll need to have elegant transportation, and a car hire is just the perfect service for that occasion. With Queen Street Wedding & Car Hire, you’ll ride in style, and have everyone’s head turn when they see you arrive to your wedding ceremony in some of the most elegant vehicles of your choice. From Rolls Royce and Bentley to Lamborghini and Mercedes, hiring a luxurious car for your wedding is one of the best ways to make a style statement, without going broke.

Say yes to an affordable dress

Just because you don’t want to splurge on your wedding, it doesn’t have to mean you won’t have a dream wedding dress. In fact, bridal expos are the perfect place where you can find a quality dress at a very affordable price. Sample sales are also great because they’re likely to offer you exclusive deals that won’t make you break the bank. If on the other hand, you want to rent instead of buying the dress, browse through the internet and you’ll find a number of sites that’ll rent gorgeous dresses for a decent amount of money.

Low-cost upgrades

To elevate your big day without spending too much money, you should focus on upgrading specific parts of the wedding. Fog machines for your first dance, monogrammed lighting, and a signature scent in hanging lanterns can really make your wedding look expensive, but you won’t go bankrupt at all. Add some detail by spray painting inexpensive decorations in silver and gold. Hang lights and lanterns to add an instant charm and make your wedding look truly lux.

Choose the menu wisely

Forget about a four-course meal, and opt for a cocktail reception instead. Since the average price of catered meals can reach $70 per person, you should think about cutting your costs by serving a few different hors-d’oeuvres around to guests during the reception. They won’t look any less fancy than a typical dinner appetizer, and the variety will be enticing for the guests.


Planning a wedding doesn’t have to cost you a fortune if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Make sure you follow some if not all of the aforementioned tips, and you’ll have enough money to throw a lovely bash and still enjoy your honeymoon without having to think about money issues.

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