Why it’s a Good Idea to Invest in Improving Your Workspace

When it comes to boosting your company’s overall productivity, there are several things you can do. Some of them are boosting visibility in your office, implementing natural light, smart use of colors, reducing noise...
Improving Your Workspace

When it comes to boosting your company’s overall productivity, there are several things you can do. For starters, you can invest more in your recruitment and retention, train your employees better and provide them with adequate tools of the trade. However, for those who want to take all of this one step further, it’s vital to create a positive work environment. This can be achieved in two ways. First, you have to set-up an employee-centric company culture and second, you have to invest in your workspace. Here are several reasons why the latter is a particularly cost-effective idea.


  • A productivity boost


The first major reason why you might want to invest in your office is to achieve a productivity boost. Unlike various situational factors, boosting visibility in your office leads to a steady productivity increase regardless of the situation. Natural light reduces your overhead but it also increases your company morale, which in turn gives you better performance. In fact, a happy employee tends to outperform their less satisfied counterparts by staggering 12 percent. Apart from light, you will also find that certain colors may be stimulating to people in specific positions. Blue is great for creatives, while red may stimulate your sales team.

While visual stimuli tend to motivate, you also need to find a way to appeal to other senses. For instance, noise reduction is vital to your productivity and it can be made in several ways. The most efficient, yet most expensive method would be to provide all of your employees with adequate noise-canceling peripherals (keyboards, earphones, etc.). Apart from this, you can also move your breakroom to the furthest part of the floor.


  • Simpler organization


Another thing you can think about is the way in which your office layout tends to affect your overall company infrastructure. For instance, by placing teams close to each other, you’re making it easier for them to communicate without causing a distraction to others. Sure, it would be much better to encourage them to discuss these issues in private or in group chats, yet this type of alienation tends to ruin the morale of people and alienate your teams from within.

The next organizational perk can be achieved by creating a great open floor plan. Aside from opening up the room, visually freeing the space (opposite to the cubicle system). One more thing is worth mentioning here, which is the issue of cost-reduction. In a situation where you have to “squeeze in” several additional desks inside the office, this is something that’s much easier to do when you have an open floor. In other words, you get more maneuvering space.

In this way, you can postpone the need to move to a bigger office, saving a substantial amount of resources. Through adequate office planning, aided by programs like SAP business one, you can reach the pinnacle of your corporate organization in no time.
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  • Improved individual motivation


In the first section, we discussed the effect of positive office elements on the general morale in the office, however, with the right course of action, you have an easy way of improving individual motivation of employees as well. For instance, the term peer pressure commonly has a negative connotation but it is a trend that you can sometimes use to your advantage. With the above-discussed open floor plan, you can motivate your employees to work by giving them a chance to see all of their colleagues while they are hard at work. One more thing, you should probably give your employees a chance to personalize their space in a way they believe will make them most productive.


  • Greater comfort


One of the things that are commonly not talked about is the fact that a lot of people spend more time at work than they do at home. This means that their posture depends more on the quality of the chair at their workstation than on the comfort of their sofa back at home. Consequently, the money you invest in providing your employees with optimal seating solution, desk heights and light quality reduces the average time and frequency at which your employees require sick leave.
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Any investment made in your working space is a direct investment in your employees. From helping them focus and stay motivated at work, this also helps them stay healthy and care-free during those late office hours. In turn, improving your office space might also help you in your talent attraction and retention efforts, seeing as how everyone wants to work in a stimulating work environment.

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